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Our bustling and productive Animation studio in the heart of Bangkok is looking for new colleagues to join our Storyboard Department
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The Position:
We require an experienced Storyboard Artist who has several years of experience with CG Animation, to work on 1 minute, 4 minute and 11 minute long series and digital content films for a big name, international client. Must have good skill with English language, and a strong sense of story and humor for audiences in the western part of our planet.

The position is open ASAP. We’d prefer someone to sit in-house, but remote work could be possible for the right person.

Must have at least 5 years of professional experience as a CG Animation Series Storyboard Artist
Main Responsibilities Include:
Being able to translate English-written scripts into charming, funny and well-thought-out visual stories
Ability to communicate with English-speaking directors, present ideas to them and take their constructive criticism in a professional manner.
Have opinions and recommendations for helping to improve the stories (action/dialogue/jokes/gags), while keeping within the director’s boundaries, when a script is not in great condition
Able to thumbnail out rough ideas, and willing to delegate drawing work to an assistant if necessary
A keen eye for continuity
Ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver work on time
Strong understanding of CG Animation Cameras, and the advantages/limitations of the CG Animation process.
Help to bring an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork to the department and the crew.
Technical Requirements: Good English. Can read. Can write. Can draw. Can talk to other people. Have draw on a Cintiq or tablet. Toonboom Storyboard Pro (or willing to learn)
Experience working in Asia, or with Asian animation studios

We Offer:
Contract types can vary, from piece work to monthly salary, depending on the person
Engagement is negotiable in person
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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